Album: Lucia

Reeks: Onliners
Titel: Lucia
Status: Mogelijk beschikbaar   ( Bestel )
Uitgever(s): Dark Dragon Books
Auteur(s): Lucia Javorceková / Frans Mensink [Tekeningen & Scenario & Kleuren] / Heidi Romanova
UAC/ISBN-13: 9789460 785757
Uitgekomen (1e druk): Week 8, 2017
Prijs (1e druk): € 19,95
Info: Frans Mensink:
This is an erotic fantasy. It could've happened but it didn't. My highly appreciated models Lucia Javorceková en Heidi Romanova lent me their appearance and posed for my camera but never together. The characters may be based on them and look like them but it's still a fantasy. They never even met...
I just liked to create this story with the suggestion of reality embedded like I did before with Kristina, Queen of Vampires trilogy.
I could've done this project without models and it may have been easier and quicker to do too, but I thought it would be challenging, fun and different and it has been. I hope it shows.
The hardest part was the fact that there's no dialogue. Telling a story without being able to connect the images with text is a challenge on its own, because the images have to do the talking and there are no shortcuts as in regular stories. Even though it's erotic and explicit, I think it turned out elegant and beauriful. It's not about sex, it's about an erotic online encounter.
Many thanks to Lucia and Heidi for making this project really special.
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