Album: The silver age 1956-1970

Reeks: DC Comics
Titel: The silver age 1956-1970
Status: Onbestelbaar
Uitgever(s): Taschen
Auteur(s): (diverse)
UAC/ISBN-13: 9783836 535762
Uitgekomen (1e druk): Week 28, 2013
Prijs (1e druk): 39,95
Info: The second in the deluxe DC Comics series by TASCHEN! With super heroes nearly extinct at the start of the 1950s, DC Comics reignited the fire that would make them central to modern popular culture by infusing them with science fiction elements. DC's writers and editors spun ever-more fantastic tales, bringing super heroes and Bob Hope alike into the realm of sci-fi. The results were transformative, delivering the first-ever 'reboot' of Golden Age greats with the Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkman as well as the hit TV show Batman. The Silver Age of DC Comics chronicles it all. Plus, a new exclusive interview with Green Lantern/Batman artist Neal Adams!
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