Album: The golden age 1935-1956

Reeks: DC Comics
Titel: The golden age 1935-1956
Status: Onbestelbaar
Uitgever(s): Taschen
Auteur(s): (diverse)
UAC/ISBN-13: 9783836 535731
Uitgekomen (1e druk): Week 28, 2013
Prijs (1e druk): 39,95
Info: The single most comprehensive book on the subject, this volume traces DC Comics's first decades, from its pulp origins up to the comic book burnings of the McCarthy '50s in over 400 pages bursting with comics, art, photographs, and more comics. The first in a new series, expanded from the Eisner Award-winning book, 75 Years of DC Comics, hits the shelf at a reader friendly size with essays updated by author Paul Levitz and over 1,000 new images across five volumes. Featuring a new interview with legendary artist Joe Kubert.
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