Album: Tintin & Co.

Reeks: Kuifje (Engels)
Titel: Tintin & Co.
Status: Onbestelbaar
Uitgever(s): Moulinsart
Auteur(s): Michael Farr
UAC/ISBN-13: 9782874 241482
Uitgekomen (1e druk): Week 33, 2008
Prijs (1e druk): 27,50
Info: Leading British Tintinologist and journalist, Michael Farr, presents his choice of the dozen most important and colourful characters from The Adventures of Tintin - as Tintin & Co. - and reveals their origins, inspiration and enduring facsination. This handsome and lavishly illustrated volume takes a closer look at the remarkable cast that enriches The Adventures, and which will have fans the world over once again picking up their original copies.
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